Esthetic Dentistry and Functional Considerations: Comfort, Health and Durability

Esthetic Dentistry and Functional Considerations: Comfort, Health and Durability from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CARestorative or esthetic dentistry is not the same as cosmetic dentistry. This field of dentistry brings back the normal structures of gums and teeth. It also aims to return the function of these mouth parts. It focuses on providing comfort, health, and durability to patients. It can help patients look, feel, and function better. Here are the details about how esthetic dentistry can help you.

Provides comfort

Damaged teeth become vulnerable to sensitivity. Their enamel layer breaks. This exposes the dentin. It leads to tooth pain when the patient eats and drinks something hot or cold. Esthetic treatments can restore the structure of damaged teeth. This restoration can then remove tooth pain.

Crooked teeth can cause headaches. Damage or infection from them can cause nerve pain. The ache inhibits the function of the jaw joints and gums. It then spreads to the head and causes more irritation. Through restorative dentistry, teeth can align. The absence of pain allows the patient to become more comfortable.

Boosts health

Tooth decay can worsen if the patient has dental damage. A damaged tooth should receive corrective treatments right away. This will prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth. With bacteria under control, the patient’s risk for developing periodontal disease lowers. Esthetic dentistry can give teeth a second chance at functioning. Restoration and protection happen to bring back normal dental health.

Dental problems can cause worry. This can prevent patients from doing daily tasks. Failing to attend functions because of dental problems can cause depression and self-pity. Restorative dentistry can remove the dental problems through different treatments. Each one can bring back the normal function of the patient’s teeth. A healthy mouth ends worry.

Restorative dentistry also relieves stress. Some people carry a large amount of stress when they have dental problems. Stress can cause chronic conditions. Esthetic dentistry can help patients overcome this unhealthy situation. Realigning and restoring teeth can do wonders to a person’s general health.

Its treatments can improve one’s health. Patients who had their teeth whitened abstain from drinking staining beverages or smoking. Doing so results in better cardiovascular and respiratory health. Restorations like bridges, implants, and crowns may improve one’s looks. Yet, they can also prevent gum disease and bone loss.

Gives lasting support

Removable dentures are unstable. Using them often results in embarrassment and frustration. Restorative dentistry provides stronger, more secure dental replacements. Dental implants are effective in providing stability to the jawbone. Titanium rods act as tooth roots. They trigger the flow of nutrients toward the jawbone, preventing bone loss.

Regular dentures tend to pinch the gums and the nerves underneath. Implant-supported dentures are better. The overdentures prevent pain each time the patient bites or chews. This happens because dental implants support the overdentures. The lift keeps the overdentures from pinching the gums or nerves.

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Esthetic dentistry aims to restore dental form and function

This field of dental care provides holistic health. It does more for patients than enhance the appearance of teeth and gums alone. Esthetic dentistry is not cosmetic dentistry. Its treatments may improve your looks, but it can also make your health better.

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