Esthetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening – Natural Teeth Color Enhancement

Esthetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening - Natural Teeth Color Enhancement from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CATeeth whitening is a popular treatment in esthetic dentistry. Many people want to have brighter smiles. A beaming smile tells the world how well you take care of yourself. That is why teeth whitening is becoming more popular. If you want to find out more about esthetic dentistry teeth whitening, here are the details.

The facts about teeth whitening

Many dental patients want to have whiter teeth right away. So, going to the dentist for a teeth-whitening treatment is gaining popularity. This treatment bleaches the outer layers of the teeth to make them look brighter. The teeth become one to two shades whiter after the treatment.

Oral hygiene and diet affect the effects of teeth whitening. Consuming staining food all the time will lead to faster dental staining. The same happens to patients who smoke. The patient will end up having more teeth-whitening sessions.

Esthetic dentistry clinics use their own teeth-whitening blends. Dentists can use higher concentrations of bleaching agents. That is why this type of whitening treatment is effective. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products contain small amounts of bleach. The results are sometimes non-existent.

Available teeth-whitening options

Esthetic dentistry clinics offer an in-clinic (in-chair) and a take-home teeth-whitening system. The in-clinic system uses a strong whitening agent. Patients can only get this from the esthetic dentistry facility. This treatment lasts for about an hour. The patient goes home with the highest level of dental whiteness possible. In-office whitening treatment is for people who have sudden social gatherings.

Another available whitening option is the take-home teeth-whitening kit. Each clinic has its own teeth-whitening kit. This teeth-bleaching kit has a whitening gel and a container for the whitening trays. Trays have little grooves for the whitening gel. The patient needs to wear these whitening trays for 30 minutes for five consecutive days. This will result in the highest level of whiteness possible.

The dentist can give a take-home whitening kit after the in-office teeth bleaching. This kit can also help people who have no time to go to the clinic. Patients can use these trays to enhance the results of the in-chair whitening. A dentist can also offer an internal teeth-bleaching option. This type of whitening is for blackened teeth.

Dark-colored teeth can result from a dental treatment such as a root canal. Internal teeth-bleaching involves placing a whitening agent inside the tooth itself. This whitening substance is quite harsh. It can only work on teeth without nerves. Esthetic dentistry teeth-whitening treatments are only effective on natural teeth. Veneers, crowns, fillings, and bridges cannot become whiter anymore.

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Try teeth whitening in an esthetic dentistry clinic

You can have a brighter smile in about an hour with an in-office whitening procedure. An esthetic dentistry clinic can whiten your teeth even during your lunch break. You can also use home custom whitening trays as well. An appointment with your dentist can start the journey toward your brighter smile.

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