An Esthetic Dentist Answers FAQs About the Natural Condition of Teeth

An Esthetic Dentist  Answers FAQs About the Natural Condition of Teeth from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CAAn esthetic dentist can help you keep the natural condition of your teeth. The goal of restorative dentistry is not only cosmetic but also for better oral health. Esthetic dentists want to help restore and maintain your oral health. Ideally, you should try to preserve your natural teeth if you can.

What are the benefits of teeth alignment?

Braces and other aligners are not only for cosmetic purposes. Esthetic dentists use these devices to correct misalignment for health reasons. Aligning the teeth makes it easier to clean them. This reduces or wards off gingivitis. Misalignment of the teeth can lead to uneven wear on the enamel, as well as bite issues. Braces and aligners can help people keep their natural teeth in good shape for much longer.

What are the options for tooth repair?

Over time, teeth can chip and crack. Damaged teeth can make eating and drinking painful. These teeth are also more susceptible to further damage. An esthetic dentist can bond or create crowns for damaged teeth. This is not just to improve the appearance. Bonding and crowns also help to preserve the real tooth, so the dentist does not need to extract it.

Veneers are a more permanent solution than bonding the tooth. Made of porcelain, veneers can help protect worn, chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers are lab-created. The esthetic dentist will cement them over the patient’s real teeth and will use a special light to harden the cement. This preserves the real teeth and roots and maintains jawbone integrity.

Esthetic dentists also treat cavities. People often do not see fillings as cosmetic dentistry. The esthetic dentist can create natural-colored fillings to prevent further tooth decay. The goal is to preserve the rest of the healthy tooth. Natural-colored fillings can also protect exposed roots and reduce painful sensitivity.

When must natural teeth go?

A tooth that is severely damaged by rot can cause serious infection in the bone. When decay is that far advanced, it is better to extract the tooth. Untreated tooth decay can cause widespread infection in the mouth and abscesses in the gums and bones. The bone can deteriorate and permanently change appearance. Eventually, the person may be unable to eat without experiencing severe pain.

A forceful impact on the tooth can cause it to crack and split. If the tooth splits or breaks off, the esthetic dentist may not be able to save it. Extraction may be the right choice. The esthetic dentist will then discuss options for placing an implant or other dental device to maintain the health of surrounding intact teeth.

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See an esthetic dentist for options

Preserving your natural teeth has many benefits. It can be much more cost-effective. Regular brushing and flossing are much cheaper than extracting diseased teeth and treating advanced periodontal disease. When you keep your natural teeth, it helps preserve the health of your jawbone. The loss of your natural teeth can also change the shape of your face. There are several ways an esthetic dentist can support preserving the natural condition of your teeth.

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