How Dental Esthetics Is Different from Cosmetic Dentistry

How Dental Esthetics Is Different from Cosmetic Dentistry from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CADental esthetics goes beyond what dental cosmetics can give. Both can help improve the health of your teeth. People also think that these terms mean the same thing. Even so, they are not the same at all. Knowing the difference between them is useful in choosing a specific procedure. Here are the details.

Dental esthetics

Esthetic dentistry involves achieving both physical and functional enhancement. Dental esthetics aims for harmony. It may begin with improving the patient’s teeth with the patient’s gums and facial features. The attractiveness combines with durability, comfort, and health.

Dental esthetics aims for the patient to be beautiful outside. It also wants to maintain balance in the biochemical aspect of the jaw. The balance includes the supporting gums and bones. The dental esthetics of improving teeth uses both science and art. Esthetic dentistry can correct missing, infected, chipped, crooked, stained, and cracked teeth.

One example of a dental issue for dental esthetics is a patient having crooked and stained teeth. Esthetic dentistry approaches this as a functional and physical problem. The dentist will focus on the repairs to match the smile with the patient’s natural features. Treatments have the ultimate goal of bringing back dental health and wellness.

The common treatments for achieving dental esthetics are implants and crowns. They also include bonding and veneers. Here, the goal is to help the patient with a dental problem that causes general health issues. Some of these are bad breath, difficulty chewing, periodontitis, and TMJ pain.

Cosmetic dentistry

This field of dentistry is all about achieving beauty. It is a simple, superficial goal, which many people want to achieve. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on alignment and appearance. It does not focus on the functionality of gums and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is all about physical aspects. It covers shape, color, position, size, and symmetry.

Dental cosmetics involves the removal of some gum tissue or tooth structure. This also includes the addition of gum tissue or dental structure. It aims to enhance the color and alignment of teeth as well. At the same time, it aims to improve the patient’s facial structure. Most people want to show off their smiles. Gaps or missing teeth are not what one would show others.

Cosmetic dentistry patients believe in the importance of beauty. People with stunning smiles tend to have a better salary or get more work opportunities. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are optional. These are not treatments that a patient needs to function. Bonding, veneers, and dental implants are common cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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Know the difference between dental esthetics and cosmetic dentistry

Your dentist will pay attention to your needs before recommending a dental treatment. Dental esthetics will improve your appearance. It will also bring back the functionality of your teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on bringing back the appearance of a smile alone. An appointment with your dentist can help confirm the type of treatment that you need.

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