Root Canals Can Save Your Tooth

Posted on: July 6, 2016


Dr. Barry Jones DDS performs root canals on a regular basis as a way to save damaged infected teeth. Root canals tend to have a bad reputation because people associate them with the pain they feel before having the procedure. In all actuality, root canals can save your teeth by removing the infected portion of it so that you don't need to have a tooth extraction. In this way, it's very often to your benefit to have a root canal and to have one as soon as possible.

Reasons for a Root Canal in Vista

There are many reasons to schedule a root canal, including –

  • Infected tooth
  • Damaged roots
  • Gum disease

The Procedure

When you visit our 92083 dental office with a toothache, we will examine you and take x-rays in order to determine what portion of your tooth is infected and whether or not you need a root canal.  This procedure is performed when the dental pulp or center of your tooth becomes infected. Since your nerves also run through the center of your tooth, an infection here can be incredibly painful.  This pain can lead to severe and throbbing toothaches, making it impossible to eat without discomfort and creating the need to take pain medication.  It is this pain that gives root canals a bad reputation.  However, the actual procedure will not result in you feeling any discomfort, because we will use anesthesia to ensure that your tooth and the surrounding area are entirely numb before getting started.  This way, you will remain comfortable during the entire procedure.

The Process

To perform a root canal in Vista, CA, we will begin by numbing the area and giving you anesthesia so you can feel relaxed.  Next, a small hole will be created in your tooth so we can access your dental pulp and roots.  Then, we can remove the infected portion and clean the inside of your tooth.  Since a small hole will exist, we will then need to restore the tooth and can do so using a dental filling or a dental crown. If the infection or damage was severe, a dental crown will likely be required to complete the restoration, because a crown is a cap that surrounds your tooth entirely.  If you have lost a large amount of enamel, this is the best way to stabilize your tooth so you can use it like you used to.

Caring for Your Teeth After a Root Canal

It is normal for your tooth to be sore after a root canal procedure.  To combat this, you can take ibuprofen and use an ice pack for 15 minutes at a time.  This will help reduce any swelling, and within a day or two, you should feel normal again.  However, it is important to note that the soreness you feel after this procedure will be far less than the throbbing pain you felt before having a root canal.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Vista Office If You Have a Toothache

If your tooth is hurting or sore, you could have a dental infection and need a root canal.  In this case, you should visit Dr. Barry Jones DDS right away so we can treat your tooth, eliminate the pain, and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.  To schedule an appointment with our 92083 dentist office, call (760) 857-1104 today.

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