Esthetic Dentistry Will Treat You According to Your Individual Needs

Esthetic Dentistry Will Treat  You According to Your Individual Needs  from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CATreatments performed under the scope of esthetic dentistry desire to improve upon or simulate the individual and natural appearance of the smile. Individuals are often characterized by facial expressions, and the smile is an important element in emotional expression. For this reason, esthetic restorations are often evaluated and conducted to provide a seamless and harmonious reflection of the entire face and patient personality.

Individual focus

Heading to the office for a consultation of esthetic treatment options will do more than just provide a patient with an assessment of the physical restorative work needed. The attending dental professional will address the unique characteristics of a patient in order to craft a dental treatment that reflects the appearance and personality of the individual. Rather than focusing on a course of action that completely alters the patient’s smile or looks, the esthetic approach enhances natural beauty and provides a realistic result.

In addition to evaluating the work that needs to be done, an esthetic approach includes discussing the oral health of an individual. For treatments to have sustainable results, making a commitment to routine dental exams, maintaining daily oral hygiene habits, and improving diet and lifestyle are important factors. Strong bones and gums are key players in a healthy, beautiful smile.

Miniscule details

Addressing the individuality of the patient is done through a thorough exam of the mouth, in-depth evaluation of the movement of the facial muscles, the color and shape of existing teeth, the personality of the patient, and the general form and skin tone of the face. Each area is assessed to ensure that the patient receives an enhanced visual appearance without looking fake or unnatural.

Comprehensive approach

Esthetic work may seem similar to the options provided through cosmetic dentistry, but the integration of the individual’s natural features is a key difference. Esthetic treatments are also more substantive with regard to health, comfort, and durability. These are a few of the restorative treatments used in esthetic dentistry.


This treatment is often used when patients deal with misaligned or uneven teeth, discolorations, teeth with gaps, or teeth that are chipped or broken. As a restorative solution, this laminate only covers the front surfaces of the teeth.


For patients with missing teeth, implants are an alternative to bridges or dentures. To use this tooth replacement option, a patient must have strong gums, plenty of bone to support the implant, and adhere to routine oral hygiene and appointment recommendations.

Teeth Straightening

Esthetic treatments are often minimally invasive and designed to be comfortable and convenient for the patient. As an alternative to traditional metal and wires braces, clear aligners may be suggested for straightening crowded or crooked teeth. In addition to clear aligners providing a pleasing result, the nearly invisible nature of the treatment is generally preferred by adult patients.

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Each patient has unique needs and wants for both oral health and visual appearance. Schedule a consultation to find out how esthetic dentistry can bring about the changes you want.

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