Esthetic Dentistry Considers the Natural and Individual Color Of Teeth

Esthetic Dentistry Considers the Natural and Individual Color Of Teeth from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CAEsthetic dentistry works with you to consider your natural teeth color. You might be hoping to restore or enhance your natural smile. Esthetic dentistry can match the color and shape of cosmetic devices to blend with the teeth already in your mouth. The result is a healthier smile that boosts your self-image and helps you to feel more like yourself again.

Dental implants like real teeth

People lose teeth due to injury or disease. When a patient loses a permanent tooth, it leaves a noticeable gap in a person’s smile. Esthetic dentistry looks for ways to restore a lost tooth with natural-looking replacements. Dentists can design implants, bridges, and dentures that have the color and shape of real teeth.

A dental implant can be necessary for jaw health and spacing of other teeth, but esthetic dentistry also means making the implant look like a person’s other teeth. The cap for the implant is specially designed to be similar in color to the existing teeth in the mouth. This helps it to blend in seamlessly. It can look so natural that many people forget there is even an implant.

Esthetic dentistry and chipped and cracked teeth

There are many ways that people can damage teeth over the years. Whether through accident or carelessness, chipped teeth can affect the harmony of a person’s smile. Cracks in the enamel can also develop over time. There are several options for people who want to repair these issues. Esthetic dentists can create natural colors and shapes that are long-lasting. Many of these options can also improve a patient’s bite and reduce abnormal tooth wear.

Bonding is when an esthetic dentist matches a special resin to the patient’s existing tooth color and coats the damaged tooth. A special light reacts with the resin to harden it. Veneers are a more durable option for hiding cracks and chips. Porcelain shells fit over the front of one or more teeth. The dentist can match the porcelain very closely to the other teeth in the mouth. Both bonding and veneers can also fill in gaps caused when a tooth is smaller or shorter than the others.

If a patient needs to repair or replace several teeth, the esthetic dentist may recommend a bridge or dentures. A bridge attaches to existing teeth and fills the gap left by an extracted tooth. Some people may have extensive dental issues and be missing many teeth. The esthetic dentist can create partial or full dentures to restore the person’s smile. Denture technology has improved so much that a well-crafted set appears indistinguishable from real teeth.

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Esthetic dentistry crafts natural smiles

Whatever your need or reason, esthetic dentistry can help. Esthetic dentistry has two goals: to help you improve your smile and to help you achieve better oral health. Matching your natural teeth color is an important part of esthetic dentistry. People may not be able to put a finger on what is different about you, but they will know something is different.

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