How An Esthetic Dentist Addresses Tooth Wear

How An Esthetic Dentist Addresses Tooth Wear from Barry Jones DDS in Vista, CAA good smile can help patients regain confidence and assuage anxiety. Esthetic dentists help patients achieve a beautiful and professional smile in spite of tooth wear, damage, and decay. Even if the patient's teeth are cracked, stained, or simply worn down, the dentist has a variety of techniques to help.

How esthetic dentists help restore beautiful smiles

Esthetic dentists employ veneers, implants, whitening, contouring, crowns, and more to help make smiles bright and pleasing. The technique used depends on the patient and which problem the dentist is addressing.

Wear and tear

One of the most common esthetic problems that patients face is worn teeth. It is easy to overlook how much teeth have to withstand day in and day out, and this daily use is the reason why daily care is so important. Sometimes, however, in spite of brushing and flossing, teeth can still be worn down and stained beyond the help of simple whitening solutions. In this case, an esthetic dentist may recommend a dental veneer.

Veneers are usually made of porcelain laminate and are permanently bonded to the front surface of a patient's teeth. The dentist will perform a thorough examination of the teeth, and then take a mold. Once the veneer arrives from the lab, it is trimmed and cemented in place. Veneers are generally very durable and look natural. They are a versatile and useful tool for transforming a tired smile into a bright one.

Stained teeth

Coffee, tea, wine, sodas, candy, fruit, and more can all stain teeth. Repeated use and spotty oral hygiene can even make the stains long-lasting. Patients wanting to whiten a smile can see an esthetic dentist to find the ideal treatment. While over-the-counter whiteners do work for some, the dentist will have more options with the added benefit of expertise. Patients that do whitening themselves run the risk of buying a product that is ineffective or harmful to gum tissue.

Crooked teeth

For many, teeth do not naturally grow straight. While crooked teeth are not unhealthy if they do not interfere with chewing, many patients wish to straighten a smile for esthetic reasons. In this case, esthetic dentists will examine the teeth and choose a solution that is appropriate. If the crookedness is not severe, the dentist may be able to use a veneer or contouring to smooth a smile. Otherwise, the likely solution will be braces.

Damaged teeth

If a tooth is cracked, chipped, or otherwise unsalvageable, the dentist might recommend an implant. Implants are essentially artificial teeth that are installed in the place of a damaged or decaying tooth. They require the same daily care as normal teeth and are quite durable. If the root of the damaged tooth is still intact, the dentist may suggest a crown to protect the top of it.

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For patients looking for a beautiful and professional smile, an esthetic dentist is the right place to go. Treatments are designed to whiten, strengthen, straighten, and repair teeth so that patients can have confidence when smiling.

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